Voter Checklist

  1. Register or check your registration as early as possible before any state deadlines.
    1. Register to vote.
    2. Confirm your registration.
    3. You may be eligible to pre-register to vote if you are over the age of 16. Learn and take action.
  2. Make sure your mailing and residential address are correct and updated. If you are an undergraduate living on Campus, your mailing and residential will be as follows: 
    1. Mailing Address: [####] [Harvard Yard / House] Mail Center – eg "1234 Harvard Yard Mail Center" or "157 Currier Mail Center"
    2. Residential Address: [House or Dorm Name] – eg: "Currier House" or "Holworthy Hall" …
  3. Learn about your state’s voting options. Many states will allow voters to cast their ballots by mail, early in person, or on Election Day. 
    1. Access your checklist if you opt to vote by mail
    2. Access your checlist if you opt to vote in person