First: Be a Voter

It starts with you! Register. Find Your Poll. Research the Issues & Candidates. Verify If You Need an ID. Vote!

Second: Take Action

Students are a powerful voice in our democracy. That is why it is critical for every eligible voter to make it to the polls in every election.


You can help create a civic culture at Harvard University by being a voter and helping others on your campus to vote. No effort is too small. Along with our dedicated student and student organization toolkits on our organizer resources page, here are just a few ideas on how you can motivate voters on your campus and how to get involved with the Harvard Votes Challenge:


  1. Join your school’s Harvard Votes Challenge team and contribute towards building a strategy to promote voting on your campus in the short and long term. 
  2. Promote civic action through student led activities. Engage in peer-to-peer organizing efforts to encourage voting.
  3. Encourage the institutionalization of voter readiness on your campus. Ask your campus administrators to provide voter registration resources during orientations, onboarding processes, course registration procedures and programing. Make voter registration links visible on websites and use official communication channels to inform the campus of important registration deadlines and election dates.
  4. Create visibility around voting. Students have access to many platforms to help elevate the importance of voting with their campus community. Consider contributing toward HVC content by authoring written pieces for the HVC website, school newsletters, journals and magazines, taking part in promotional videos, and sharing information via social media channels